Sheraton Kitchens

To help you make the right choice for you, we have arranged the Sheraton range of elegant, luxury kitchens into three collections – Shaker, Modern & Traditional.
The beauty of a British-made Shaker kitchen. Its distinctive square-framed design and timeless appeal makes the Shaker-style kitchen a true British classic. And with a huge range of features, design options and accessories, Sheraton Shaker kitchens can be adapted to suit any taste or need.

With fantastic innovative features, clever storage systems and the perfect combination of flexibility, function and style, the Sheraton Modern kitchen range has the ability to cater to every taste. We’ve taken the beauty and finesse of Sheraton and applied a simple functionality that makes each design in this range an aspirational kitchen solution for modern living.

With a Sheraton Traditional kitchen you are assured a classic look and feel with the added benefit of modern functionality. All of which will establish your kitchen at the heart of your home. With our traditional kitchens, you can be safe in the knowledge that every component is built to function and built to last.

Woodgrain Lissa Oak Slab


or only £134.90 per month. For all these fully built units
Broad Style Buttermilk
Woodgrain Natural Pacific Walnut
Mattonella Gloss Cashmere
Ivory Shaker Hi Res
Wood Framed Painted Sage Grey
Woodgrain Driftwood
Crystal Gloss Ivory
Ivory Foil In Frame
Wood Framed Painted Green
Woodgrain Champagne Avola
Crystal Gloss White and Anthracite


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