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How to Create a Unique Kitchen Design

This week we are talking about to add a unique touch to your kitchen designs. A salvage piece can really set a room apart, introducing a uniqueness that is a counterbalance to the ordinary or the ‘newness’ of a room. Designing a kitchen that is functional, original and good looking can be quite a task! … Continue reading How to Create a Unique Kitchen Design

Favourite Kitchen Colour Schemes

When the time comes to renovate your kitchen, your choice of kitchen colour schemes should not be taken lightly. The kitchen is the Heart of Your Home, after all, and you want anyone who walks through the door to feel welcomed and wowed! Western Kitchen has comprised a style guide of some of our favourite … Continue reading Favourite Kitchen Colour Schemes

Top Kitchen Trends 2018

Top Kitchen Trends 2018 2018 is being a great year for kitchen trends and design, such as woodgrain and gloss ivory being very popular this year. With the year running down, let’s take a quick look at some of the top trends that are sure to remain prominent throughout 2018. Colourful Don’t feel like you have … Continue reading Top Kitchen Trends 2018

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